“ Of man’s first disobedience and the fruit of that forbidden tree that brought death into the world”…Paradise Lost.

Is the “Original Sin” really original? To be a sin there needs to be the knowledge of what sin is. Enter Satan, the dark spectre that co-exists with the brightness of Love. His ego-driven pride caused the first fall from heaven. Pride with illusionary knowledge, therefore, predate disobedience / unfaithfulness, as the origin of our human condition. All narratives need a starting point and the Jewish-Christian tradition begins with God our creator, the nourisher in whom we meet final sublimation. When we continue to use the traditional Father/King attribute when referring to God, it is a matter of convenience not conviction, because Christ at one time implied that God was above gender ( referring to souls, after death, as being neither man nor woman; neither marrying nor being given in marriage – living in a spiritual state). But I digress. Genesis is our starting point, and with some variations, where all traditions begin.

  We believe that a person is both a physical presence and also a spiritual part that transcends the visible. The two parts are distinct in that they focus on opposite dimensions: that of the world and that of the spiritual other world. We live in this world so our empirical side responds to the here and the now. The DNA carries the genetic memories of our ancestors and shares some commonality with other objects of the universe. Similarly, the soul is the repository of the journey of human consciousness. It connects with the other souls and the psychic elements of the universe, along with their triumphs, hurts and bruises. Each moment resonates with the past. In our mindfulness we can mitigate what the ancients felt and what generations after will also experience. Such an understanding may be the basis for “Original Sin”. Over the ages the concept may have undergone distortions and mutations to make it digestible for simpler people. By acknowledging this we share in the cause and effects of the experiences of our ancestors. We are promised that the baptismal fount assuages the remnants of all those sins before us and prepares us for righteousness and a new life that can also influence the lives that are to follow.