Synchronicity: a gift of The Holy Spirit that connects with our past to modify the present, and links it to the future. In cosmic terms our here and now is connected to history while it contributes to the creation of where we will be. History is etched into our DNA, a catalyst that helps to modify our conceptual and behavioral patterns. Outside of a spiritual conception it is all just so much accident, selection and transmutation.

I refuse to believe that we are just two-legged biological beings that have evolved through superior abilities to choose, adapt and control our natural habitat. If we are all entities in an evolving process, where are we headed? Over the course of history, we should have accumulated sufficient data to enable us to forecast, at least to the next point in our evolution!

I cannot view our evolution and that of nature around us without without a God, the centre and creator of all things. Only then do “invisible things”, like our conscious and non-tangible thoughts and processes gain credibility. We can even make grandiloquent statements like, “I think, therefore, I exist.” Evolution signifies that we are not stagnant at any time. All of creation is evolving towards a predetermined destination – our perfection. A perfection that is the essence of all perfection. Our point of self-fulfillment – the meeting of the Alpha with Omega