A Beginner’s Examen on Mercy

Glory to God in the highest. In His mercy and compassion He has blessed this day. From the glory of the rising sun the Lord has blessed me. My eyes beholds His wondrous world. Celestial music fills my ears drawing me into the eternal l hymn of glory. Divine fragrance of the created petals fills my mind. His love pierces my heart and I feel His holy consolation in the marrow of my being. My every breath tastes the milk of paradise.

Despite the heavenly blessings, ingratitude stiffens my neck. I am prone to wander away from His green pastures, deluded by wavering mirages further away. They offer stones instead of bread, wealth and possessions that rust, and mind- boggling vanities, based on false premises and promises. In my arrogance I have tested fate, my salvation, my all. Through it all, faithful in love, He guided me, silent parent to the prodigal son. With love and compassion He revived my soul, drawing me ever closer in His mercy. Despite my stubborn bend He welcomes me, my Beloved.

Why does He bother? I, a speck a filing from His creative engine; no greater than the little flower beside the road that knows only to offer Him benediction for a single day. I do not deserve this love and mercy that is showered upon me. Despite my faults, bloated ego and pride, he sets me free to wander or to ponder His wonders and this undeserved flow of steadfast love.

He never forces me, nor asks for allegiance and any form of rhetoric. He is a giving God. The strength of this undeserved love ignites reciprocal flames of love,gratitude, compassion and mercy. In doing so I love my self and all manifestations of love around me, especially those with whom I share my humanity. When I accept mercy, mercy extends from me to others. I am an instrument of His will. I see Him in all things. And, all things with me glorify the One from whom we come.

“Lord, help me to make room for you. Help me to clear out every nook and cranny of my heart and soul and to let go of all things that are not of you. Come into my heart. Give me the grace to respond to you freely and trust you completely. Fill me with your love and your grace. I know that you are all I really need, so please help me to choose you—every time. Let every movement of my heart and soul bring greater glory to you, Lord. Amen.” (apologies to the unknown source).