An Essay on Ignatian Freedom and Purpose

All things are gifts from God. He created all things and set them free.All things are, therefore, created to honour and glorify HIM. Involuntarily, we see and hold in awe the wonders of His creation; marvelling at a world bathed in beauty and perfection. It is in this freedom given to us that we behold and interact with objects, visible and invisible. Therein lies the crowning glory! We are not are not slaves to the majesty and power, but co-creators, cooperating in the unfolding of the grand phenomenon. He does not NEED acclaim or creature reverence for no creature could devise an adequate response of gratitude. His satisfaction is in that we use His gifts correctly and in unison with His will to progress the glorious plan.

His glory and love cover each inch of a vast expanding universe. Every being that breathes, all matter that exists, reflects the glory of the master craftsman. Through the intricacies in form and mass and in their glowing radiance, the Holy One communicates with Creation: free gifts that would add greater grandeur to what is already perfect. We are not mere spectators to the panorama. We are creatures who must use these gifts,and be used, making perfection more perfect. Our consciousness and applied will join in fit offerings to delight the grand artist, the Creator! We must have eyes to see and ears to listen to the urgings of the Holy One. God continually fulfils Himself and having accomplished a moment, moves further on to perfect His perfect self.

Even the littlest of His creation, yields itself to that eternal benediction. When we use we are also in use for the master plan. Our interdependence making us equal in importance to all things great and small. How can I take a part away from the whole for personal aggrandisement? An object could mesmerise with its God-given splendour. Greed and possessiveness tend to transcend ethical and spiritual considerations. Yet, the possessor and the possessed are subjects of time – finite things. That which is designed to lend its beauty to the world is trapped in attachment; attachment is a mere illusion. It jeopardises the vital link creatures have with the divine. Humans may control things put for their consumption and use but they cannot posses them. As custodians they must learn to use and let go, respecting the other entity. Wise people call this detachment. The ultimate detachment being in seeing the Lord in all things and treating each with the respect we ourselves expect. Love is not possessive.

In love we share our inmost selves with the beloved. In loving God we surrender to Him completely, returning His unconditional love. Love must expand to embrace all living things, even where apparently inert. To each we show our love and help them to fulfil their own destiny in God. I love my neighbour as myself.