A Hymn To The Psyche

I swoop
into the dampening mists
of a rock-studded stream,
gulping lungs-full of joyous

in pure serenity,
I climb with a whoosh over a cliff
to ride uplifting currents
from a wondrous space
of dappled woods
ancient rockeries
on a craggy face.

My eyes thump correlatives of the scene
to a heart
that thumps, thumps, thumps
to a befuddled brain,
a riddle,
“This is paradise, where is the Lord”?

Reflecting on Brian O’Leary’s “Fostering a Contemplative Stance” (The Way, April 2016)

I am reminded of my own spiritual journey, which has been enriched by the two living shepherds of Christ. Pope Benedict represents the Medieval (scholastic curriculum) stage in my faith formation. He provided a firm anchor following the post VC II storms. In Pope Francis I find the humanistic approach of St Ignatius in his encouragements to pray with the Bible in one hand and our life experiences in the other.

His tweets, “Laudato Si”, and “Amore Laetitia” and the daily encounters with the world, come across as instructions of a Chriwstocentric pastor. He encourages us to imitate Christ in our pursuit of perfection. As a loving father he compassionately reaches out to the flock’s weaknesses and empathizes with those who opt for different ways. He does not judge; rather looks for Christ in every face. In loving Christ, he loves us, and, in loving us he shows his love for Christ. In my mind, “Laudato Si” and “Amore Laetitia”, represent his gift to Catholic spirituality in this century.