Evangelisation, A Dilema

We have been revisiting VC2 and Pope Paul II’s exhortation for “New Evangelisation” in many forms over the years. Each time it appears with greater earnestness and resolve. With the luxury of time, and with the ministrations of alluring contents on the communication networks, we soon forget what the fuss was about. Till, the next updated version of the Redeemer’s call reappears.
It is hard to instigate change, even for sincere souls, because honest efforts become entangled in the modern web of clichés, and they are soon branded as being arrogant, insensitive etc. etc. These anachronisms appear drab, clumsy, and, removed from reality. In any case, they are out of sync with what the “world” thinks and what modern fashions dictate. Paradoxically, these non-conformist individuals themselves set up a desired code of what is “politically correct”. Have we have returned to the arrogance of “My way or the high way’!
There are many things to return to in The New Testament. For example, the teaching of removing the log from one’s own eye before thinking of removing the mote from another’s eye. A true believer would submit to being a sinner and would try to remove the log that blinds, before rushing to judgements and name calling. Is this not the way it was supposed to be? Blindness could be caused by, egoism, elitism of culture, status, envy, anything removed from charity. Many shrink from promoting such ideals for fear of being derided as simpletons and not “chic”. And, so we roll down the slope of social acceptability, gathering values, notions and postures that from the very top would have seemed incredible.