A Flinders Street Ditty

Propped up by Young and Jackson

sits, this denizen of Flinders Street,

Watching the passing parade of commutes

in ray-banned glasses and protective business suits;

Protected from the elements and chance infection.

In shaggy beard and knotted hair

he shrugs off dust and itching from his thread-bare gear.


Arching an eye brow, with a twinkle of the eye,

He rummages for his ukulele,

And strums,

Strums to the filing parade;

“Yo-de-le-hihi, Yo-de-li-hi-e,

You, with the shaded glasses, what do you see?


What do you feel through the armour of your suit?


Is there any music from that din?


I, I see a burst of colours this September Morn,

The warmth embraces my bare arms,

Hear too foraging pigeons that fly

from that tall spire.


How great you are! How great you are.”

The LGBT Debate

The LGBT Debate: A Simpleton’s View. The perceived problem is of human making and begs a hmane response. The “Problem” was recognised only very recently. Before that, “Before polygamy was made sin”, man to many was inclined. People’s orientations were largely known and only gossip mongers were scandalised. The hierarchy frowned and issued fiats to forever dam the eternal souls for transgressions. People went underground but the practice(s) continued. The Church was seen as unsympathetic and insensitive. Suddenly a revolt. Parties affected and their families started a movement pleading ( in some cases demanding) unctions and some form of recognition. The Church begins to understand the nature of this human reality.
But. cherry picking and selective responses can not undo what is done, much less promise lasting solutions. Interpretations of freedom of the human spirit and the richness of diversity will remain- alas, like “the Poor”. The situation can not be resolved by spot fire fighting. The people are confused when they see a lack of coherence when confronting the myriad situations. It is a confronting when all sides have to acknowledge and name their respective problems. On the one side preoccupations with the manifestations of life on this planet have dulled people’s awareness of their own human limitations, and the need to respect differences in opinions. On the other, there needs to be an understanding that there is a breach in communication. There needs to be a reason why people feel marginalised and disenfranchised, and more than that, shoulder the heavy burden of guilt and shame. The important ingredients for reconciliation have been lost among the rungs of the formal hierarchy.
For an holistic approach the Church must revisit our mission statement, made by Christ himself – “Love one another as I have loved you”. All attempts to interact with the faithful, and the world must be referenced and framed by the mission statement. It is only then that the truism of “My yoke is easy and my burden light”, becomes a reality. Fiats and threats of damnation are no longer meaningful, when this generation needs the balm of grace. If we speak sincerely about evangelisation and reaching out to the generation suffering without God, we need to convince them that our God is not a revengeful God hidden among a plethora of laws and edicts. God is a merciful and loving God who holds us in the hollow of His/her hand, fully aware of our humanity. With this realisation comes the humility to say, “Lord I am a sinner”, and also“ Who am I to judge”?

The Pollster Call

Someone from a polling co., came calling. He requested 40 minutes of my time. I told him I was going out. So he left. He left me wondering. What do popularity polls matter to this dutiful volunteer and the swag of predetermined, leading questions? The answers, given in unguarded moments, often foretell of seismic shifts in the geo-political scene. There are many who read them like fortune cookies, though they know that statistics reeled off represent the opinions of a very minor section of the population.

But. Pollys and common people savour what’s appealing. If the signs are right, they will be smugly quoted. Then, after elections polls will be forgotten and not heard of again (who bothers with opinions when the mouth is full of its own)? Polls reflect our pop culture – only relevant till the next one. The favourites of today can be at the bottom of the barrel tomorrow – with details relevant only to those statically minded. Pollsters and the media feed on polls to sell copies. They weave epics out of the figures transformed by their imagination. Meanwhile. The sober sit and watch the passing parade. They form their own convictions; measuring performance against promises. They need no “Pundits” to direct them or point out the way.

The people cry for peace

The people cry for peace. This “Just War” has gone on for too long. An entire generation’s best have been sacrificed in the the cause of righteousness. And, at what a cost of resources – and Time. Happy only those who quibble with justice to sharpen their weapons of death and destruction.

They all want peace. But, peace with honour and at no loss of face. Fools! There is a blood price to pay! Its currency, humility and contrition.