To Change & How To Change

Let me play the fool, or a “prophet new inspired”, to a generation that has made sexuality its foremost concern. Thanks to Dr Freud, and some “revolutionary” intellectuals in the last century, our narcissistic bent is a buzz, like some conscience- bitten masturbator, eager to seek consolation, or, absolution. The Church, with its inflexible attitude to morality, seems a favourite whipping post. There are strong representations for it to spell out ( for the millionth time) its stand on this important and vexing issue.

I ask myself, why is it that believers in other faiths do not have such radical dissent with their avowed doctrines? I can not think any other religion that is more liberal and change-conscious than Christianity. We have had Reformations, counter-reformations, and several “Councils” to keep abreast of the ever evolving spiritual consciousness. In many cases the Church has held firm to its ground, against heavy odds, till the storm is passed. And, in its time, found a new and more balanced place that its people can be comfortable in. It is like our spiritual forefathers, who railed about their desire to appointing a king, because it was the fashion in that age and time. When they were given a king they seemed equally keen to rebel against their own anointed one. There were cries like, “Saul killed a thousand men; David has killed ten thousand men”.

Moral of the story, “Only fools rush in where angels fear to tread”.