Lectio Divina, 20/07/17

In you alone lord I find rest. I labour under guilt of my many sins and offences. Fears fill my heart of time gone bye. Enemies I did not seek, oppress and torment me. By day they harass me and bring to naught my efforts at being myself and your son. I seek only to do your will, yet evil prevails and turns my acts to dust. By night I toss in the mire of my imaginations. Demons seek to destroy me. In my agony I cry, “Lord. I am overburdened.”

One thought only sustains me – “Help me Jesus or I sink”. What is my Yoke, Lord, that I should complain? You took on your shoulders the burden of our sins. For our sins you suffered dearly and died a criminal’s death to save me. Who am I to complain? From you have I received great gifts and wonders. In your presence I have seen miracles and acts that would transform sinners. I am blessed not to deny your wonders. Because I believe you give me rest and lead me to still waters to refresh my soul. Glory be to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

How easy my burden Lord when I link it to your yoke. Teach me Lord to be meek and to accept all that comes as a blessing of your loving Father. Let me drink of my cup in sacred memory of the cup you so lovingly and happily drank. May my last words only be, “It is accomplished.” Then would I have completed the job for which I am created – to live in your joy and Happiness for ever.