Love That Makes Us Free

“What is Truth?” Pondered the Pagan, as he condemned Christ to the horrors of the cross. It was the interpretation of “truth” that brought Christ before Pilate for judgement – the Truth that came to set us free!

A Rabbi himself, Jesus was paradoxically a non-conformist too. He did not wish to change a letter of the law, yet transcended it with his gift of love. Love that truly sets us free. St Paul, St Augustine   etc etc were great minds, but they were also great servants of the Lord. The servant is not greater than the master: just a marker on the way. Their contributions, a crucible through which our own spirituality must be filtered and refreshed. Over emphasis and attachment to their words is like attachment to the world. Jesus exhorted us to view the world with all its wonderful manifestations; yet remain detached from it. God’s image is Omnipresent; it takes discernment to acknowledge and glorify Him through all things.

We take the world with us, with all its wondrous glory, for the sole purpose of placing it with gratitude at the feet of God. Our sole purpose being to love, serve and to glorify Him, as our Catechism says.