Let There Be Love


Fire. Once the prime means of illumination, heat and industry, has been replaced by more sophisticated means of heat transfer, and the everyday conveniences in our homes. Moral of the story? Our faculties and consciousness are progressing with an ever evolving macrocosm. We cannot say to the world “Let me down!”

Love of Bach and tradition are a luxury in a generation impatient with the “Old stuff”; and like a reckless infant, wants to experiment with new toys, new ideas and newly discovered sexuality. What is the point of lighting a candle when a new Caxton, Adam Smith and Einstein are born each minute? You cannot gather the benefits of scientific and technological advancements without picking up the flip side too. As they say in the East, the Ying goes with the Yang. Finger pointing and self-righteous disdain for the apparent slide in morality and the wilderness of our unbelief, can be at best be self-satisfying. But, it does not bring salvation for the self-centred righteous. For too long we have tried to use tradition to subject humanity to our own values and world vision. To what success? The moment we feel we have stamped down one thing in one place another sprouts up to mock us in another place. It is futile to use muscles. To persist is to one day find ourselves in the land of the dinosaurs.

Creatures of the mind can only be countered by a positive disposition and an open mind. Action, as the textbook says, every action gets an equal and opposite reaction. So, let us give passive resistance a chance. We cannot fight the devil without understanding what makes him so formidable. To turn our backs to him is to offer him a larger more vulnerable target.  Meeting him face-to-face will give an understanding of what gives him oxygen. Let discernment deliver more lasting alternatives. Let us give peace a chance, together with love and compassion.