Progressing Spirituality

Do not reduce my Church to a bunch of clichés that can be grasped thus. We are prone to jumping on the bandwagon of novel expressions. But, neither the Church nor the world is in danger of being liquefied. Truisms that stood as rocks of stability and security for the past millennium now show their fragility in the face of cultural and scientific advancements. We cannot shut the world out in a weekly retreat into aging gestures and symbolism, uplifting and beautiful though they are.


We return to realities that cannot be wished away. We live in a more pragmatic environment that scrutinizes all things with a microscope. More so, we question any signs of autocratic authority. We listen respectfully to Sunday sermons, but draw our own conclusions. Sometimes we are even critical of what we hear in the light of our own experiences.  Some are inclined to ask, “What does he know; he does not have the same experience as the flock he is pastor to?” Who is he to judge?”


So when one who is expected to be a pillar, in turn asks, “Who am I to judge?”, we are disconcerted. It shakes us to the very marrow. Being so used to the security found in papal utterances we are confused when we are given the responsibility to trust our own consciences.  We are being entrusted to be guided by rules, and not governed by them. Are we mature enough to handle our spirituality, and turn down the temptation to read this as an open cheque to a laissez faire society?


We are confounded by the open flouting of our moral compass. People are misreading the word “Freedom” as license to act as they please, where they please, regardless of consequences in relationships and the social bonds that make society safe and a place of nurturing. In realizing our individualism, the temptation is to become narcissistic. And, given our material advances, we can be become over ambitious and consumeristic. Like wanton kids, we revel in the openness of thought, uninhibited behavior, and experimentation with our sexuality. The negativity in this is so obvious. In such an environment, is it folly to be wise, or, do we see new challenges to “The Way”?Being disciples is to tread the narrow path that leads to the small gate. Discernment – as the Holy Father  advises


2 thoughts on “Progressing Spirituality

  1. hubertschaub

    Your courageous and beautifully phrased blogs are a powerful medicine for the mind, especially of those who seek truth, in that they help heal the psychological damage suffered by a society that’s living in a distorted reality and is indoctrinated by false values. Congratulations on the creation of a masterpiece of advocacy for the formation of conscience and the manifestation of truth.


    1. Thanks Hubert for your kind words of encouragement, though I admit I do not merit them. Truly we live in difficult times. The prophets of doom only add to a world already confounded. But, as we plough through the slough of despond the pope offers a ray of hope
      The message, a hope filled, “Do not be afraid”. The blueprint, a faith built on reason and discerning choices. The corner stones are love and compassion. The question is, can our spirituality accept the dose?


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