Man was not made for the Sabbath


For a millennium we were ruled by laws of our own making. Like Neo-Pharisees the faithful sought salvation of their own merit; scrupulously observing fiats of a centralized hierarchy. Which in honest belief acted on divine inspiration, compounding to the plethora of oppressive rules made on narrow interpretations, in lines with predetermined outcomes. It was based on the premise that God was a judge (made in our own image), rewarding or punishing according to laws written on tablets of stone. The few expressions of freedom and individualistic perspectives were dismissed as heresy, and banished from the flock.

There have always been those that desire a personal encounter with God. Far from being a dispassionate judge, God is a loving father, both merciful and compassionate. His love is not possessive, instead, grants disciples the grace to choose their own destinies. The call is always a welcome towards His will that directs us in the way of perfection. The all-knowing God and creator, is aware of our frailties and obsessions. When we fall, He is always there to pick us up tenderly, providing grace and consolations lest we become disheartened.  In this the inspirations from the Holy Spirit are double edged. People accept them, according to their belief systems, as either laws written in stone, or, in light of the Son’s new commandments. How did we go so wrong, rejecting our “sonship”, for an unhealthy fear of the Lord and shame for the “Original Sin”? In our preoccupations with purgation and righteousness we forgot how much God loves us; His boundless mercy and tenderness. The prism of our perceptions now throws a gentler refracted ray of light. But, the emerging consciousness has caught us unaware – pride and confusion impede the desired transformation.