The Quality of Mercy is not Strained

Let me take courage from Pope Francis, and plunge into the torrent of self-righteousness, and swim against the current. 

Bishop Wilson, of Adelaide, stands a lonely figure, abandoned by brother bishops, priests and christians alike. A court has found him vicariously guilty of a crime that has been a blight on the twentieth century and the Church. In sentencing him, the court, while punishing the crime, also, provides healing balm and to the victims. But, the justice system also offers the right of appeal. Which, as a citizen he has chosen to avail of. Are we, as fellow Australians, willing to deny him that right? Do our protests verge on sabotaging due process? In this situation, were he to resign from his post, he would only weaken his case.

May I counsel patience and faith in our justice system to let the case run its course. At the end of it we may judge the bishop, and the moral and social implications of his errors and judgements. Till then let us play the peacemakers.