Sweet Charity


Thank you.

Thanks for the pain-filled look to my pain.

Thanks for funds 

That flow into civilised streams that


Places, people, possessions.

Such generous acts resound around the world;

People laud such generous acts.

Tax collectors too open granite vaults to reward them too.

Amid the celebrations and flow of gold and silver

A pious widow shuffles to the treasury chest,

A trembling hand drops

Two copper coins, moistened by her tears;

One for the spouse

One for her child, no more;

In two she feels the grief for three,

And whispers an “Amen”.

Child of the teacher who taught to love the poor, 

The message ever glows in you;

Reminder of whose face you see in one another:

Making receivers, givers too.

It is not enough to heal the pain,

Heal too the body, mind and soul.

Then, will the collective “Amen”Fully heal and replenish loss;

Enabling one to bear the burden of four more.