The Power Of The Word

Why the hurry,

Noble Roman?

Why the strident steps among excitement?

What word have you heard

That revives primal times, 

When it raced in silence over chaos,

Creating all?

Have we not heard it all?

Maybe the humdrum of daily chores

Within the chaos of mending, bending and erecting,

Distractions and some useful things;

Hustle and bustle shutting out whisperings of immortality. 

You heard, you came,

You beseeched and returned a believer,

Turning a millennia of obsequious obedience on its head; 

A tyrant’s brow humble in humility – 

Just for a servant’s sake.

Orders used to being obeyed, obey  

The word of a vassal of no fixed address.

Accepting the authority of the word 

You changed the system

That built empires and successful successions and accessions. 

Immortalised, your words resonate

Among those who accept the word with due diligence.