Honouring Liberty

        The catch cry is “Freedom”. Yet. How is it conceived ; how practised; how delivered? Is it just a populist posture? How deeply is it pondered upon by its proponents? How often do they question the agenda that puts forward new propositions? How does it propose to “liberate” followers? In other words, what effort is put in by way of discernment? Every decision has consequences. The gifts and the price of embracing  liberty need to be properly appreciated.

   The incessant demands for freedom cloud judgement. Like blind followers, some continue to embrace the increasingly dramatic positions and opinions. High minded aspirations, in many cases, have degenerated into lists of “rights”. There are no counter lists of responsibilities to provide balance and accountability. Fools rushed in to Capitol Hill while angels counted the cost to the fabric of society. Drinking and frolicking may be great for a night out, but morning must bring the sobering headache. At a stage the very freedom sought becomes the controlling manacle.

We are a strange mixture of elements, compounds and a spark that combines intellect and intangibles feelings. The spark is the seat of our desires – the distinguishing intangible of our species. Desires that motivate higher aspirations can paradoxically lead to sub-human acts of savagery. Prominent is the desire for freedom and liberty. Human need for freedom is as strong as the need for bread and water. It arouses a restlessness to shake off the narrow confines of personal and environmental limitations. However, Freedom needs to be properly managed and disciplined for right results. Failure to do so can lead to digressions – even anarchy.

The Epiphany

Joan and I shared a historic moment on this great feast in 1968. A “star” led from our homes, to a humble chapel in Jabalpur, India. There were no glorious streams from heaven; no Magi, nor startling bolt as dropped St Paul from his mount. We couldn’t honour the King of King with frankincense, gold or myrrh. Yet our hearts beat joyously as we received Him in the Blessed Sacrament. Then, solemnly we sealed the covenant of our love before His altar. We came from our different ways. Now, united we stepped out by another way, on this journey, that’s both natural and spiritual. 

What changed in the lives of those shepherds in Bethlehem, or of the wise men, we can only wonder. The moment revisits in many ways on the journey. Most of the time we are too taken up with busyness to listen. But, the moments that take us unawares are moments we treasure and like Mary and Joseph “pondering the event in our hearts”.