Blindness of Justice

     What’s happening about Brittany? Brittany Who? Outrage and self-righteousness has drowned the cause of our protestations.The young victim, so brutally raped and abused, suffers because she could not trust our legal system provide the justice and support sorely needed at the hour.She suffered, and suffers still, as news bulletins re-exposes the wounds and publicly parades what causes deep shame to her. 

          Justice delayed is justice denied.After days of this being public knowledge, the victim awaits, as pleaders and counsellors shred arguments to the bone. Some MeToo, and fellow barrow-pushers, have swamped the information networks with striking headlines and red herring to feed an insatiable hunger for news. I would think that workplace ethics and codes of conduct are of lower priority to her. She bears the humiliation of media exposure, frustrated that no resolution is expected soon. The villain, meanwhile, can move freely, unnamed, unshamed, because some unlikely loop hole could be used to pronounce him “not guilty”.