Auld Lang Syne

Goodbye 2021. No one frets for you. What started with a storming of the citadel of our democracy quickly spiralled out into a labyrinth of a Pandemic. Physicians, politicians, punters still argue the why, where, when, how, of what they know so little. An insidious genie is constantly morphing and transforming itself. All agree it’s a pestilence of dimensions never experienced before.

Human experiences bring out the best and worst in us. People have come out braving infections themselves to help the sick and stricken. We have seen thousands put themselves at risk this way – while thousands upon thousands remain unsung heroes. But, as there are givers there are also those who “take”; taking self-protection to extremes. Communities have gone into self-isolation and set protective barriers to keep infection at bay. Who can judge them, self-preservation is a basic human instinct? But. Humans are better than sheep or goats. When they can master the elements, nature and their own life choices, does that not assume a moral obligation toward the neighbour’s welfare and good? All science and technology must first be used for the advantage of the species, else it is mere vanity.