Educating The Educated

The Cry is “Education”! “Educate Them, Educate Them” is the echoed response. This is the new found panacea for all our woes. Inappropriate acts, words and gestures, committed in private or in public places can, hopefully, be resolved by just education. The distortion of another pillar of civilisation has a distinctive smell. It no longer conjures images of somber dons, but an association with Siberia, “The Red Book”, and Pol Pot Cambodia. And. I shall “nip it in the bud”(sic).

There was a time when parents and teachers looked at formation as a sacred duty to the generations to come. People began taking authority for responsibility and a backward slide began. No one can be branded responsible if the “culprit” is a vague figment such as education. All people, of all ranks love adulations , but , are quick to fop off responsibility. Indeed we all become judges. Only, there is no one in the dock but an illusion. Money is our medium for change. By throwing it at causes, we believe change will occur magically. Millions are spent on advertising (washing our hands off effort), that has neither an audience, nor, a readership. Job is considered done, but none assess resulting gains. If there is a deficiency in the results – feed it with more education.